Oceanshore funded companies are developing innovative technologies that contribute to the promise of a green energy economy, and provide real world, practical solutions for today's energy needs. We look for the right mix of market potential and passionate leadership teams to realize the company's vision. We help our companies succeed by providing strategic guidance on early technology development, industry relationships, and expansion capital as they build their superior global brands.

Based on our industry knowledge, experience, and network of experts, we make sound investment selections in the technologies driving various facets of energy storage, efficiency, and generation.

Current Portfolio:

  • Confluence Solar: a developer of high quality single crystal silicon for the solar photovoltaic industry - acquired by GT Advanced Technologies

  • Skyline Solar: a developer of concentrating photovoltaic system for low cost, scalable growth of solar power

  • Lumiette: a developer of energy efficient lighting

  • EnerVault: a developer of safe and reliable MWh-scale energy storage systems that improve the cost effectiveness of wind and solar energy

  • Crystal Solar: a developer of thin-film mono-crystalline silicon solar wafers

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